Gymnastics Class Levels

EGC Gymnastics & Warrior classes have open registration throughout the year.  Register at any time!!!  No need to wait for a new session to begin.  
*Students may register up to 1 week prior to starting.  Ex. To begin September 10, register September 3 or later.  
*Students enrolled in the Summer will remain enrolled into the school year unless withdrawal is submitted on the Parent Portal.  CLICK HERE for withdrawal information.  

New Students enter the program at the following levels according to age:

Baby Gym:  6 months - 2 years (Must be crawling)
Parent & Tot 1:  18 Months - 3 Years (Must be walking)
Parent & Tot 2: 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 Years
Tiny Tumblers: 3 1/2 - 5  Years
Gym Tumblers:  5 Years
Super Tumblers:  6-7 Years
Beginner Girls:  7+ Years                Strength & Skills  Coed 8+
Girls 1: Skill Testing                           
Girls 2: Skill Testing  
Intermediate Girls : Skill Testing  
Advanced Girls: Skill Testing
Rising Stars Invitation Only Classes
EGC Competitive Team

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EGC students are skill tested throughout the session and will move levels when the skills for their current level are complete.  Students will receive a certificate stating that they are ready for the next level.  

EGC also offers advanced classes and competitive team by invitation only.



EGC Warrior Training

EGC offers Warrior Training classes for ages 2+


EGC Dance Classes

EGC offers dance classes for ages 3+


EGC Calendar

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NEW!  Starting in September 2023, EGC will have continuous enrollment.  No need to register for each session.  

All students will continue with their enrollment until withdrawal is submitted on the Parent Portal.  Withdrawal information can be found online:   CLICK HERE  Two weeks notice is required before withdrawal, and tuition must be paid through the final class date.  

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