About our Club

Welcome to the Elmira Gymnastics Club. We are a gymnastics club and fitness center with over 30 years of service in the Elmira, New York area in the famous Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

The Elmira Gymnastics Club Program

The Elmira Gymnastics Club offers a developmental program of gymnastics for boys and girls starting at 8 months of age. Our curriculum includes instruction in all Men's and Women's Olympic events for boys and girls of all abilities. While gaining strength, flexibility, coordination and agility, girls will learn skills on floor exercise, vault, balance beam, uneven bars and trampoline, while boys receive instruction on floor exercise, vault, trampoline, pommel horse, horizontal bar, rings and parallel bars.

The Elmira Gymnastics Club guarantees a quality program of gymnastics that is built upon the principle that every individual's progress is important. Regardless of age or level of ability, great care is taken to assure that optimum learning conditions prevail. Teacher-pupil ratios are low -- never exceeding 1 to 8, and most often less. Classes are small and equipment is plentiful. Students progress rapidly through a well-developed sequential program. Objective measures are utilized for assessing each gymnast's progress and dividing them into classes by ability.

Physical fitness, the ability of an individual to effectively and efficiently use their body, is a major value of gymnastics. The development of a strong, flexible body is an asset to every young person. Self-confidence, poise and grace are but a few of the desired outcomes of the Elmira Gymnastics program.

We welcome your visit to our website and look forward to seeing you soon at the Club.

Elmira Gymnastics Club History

Dave Sherman created the Elmira Gymnastics Club in 1981 and it has been growing and expanding ever since. It has evolved through several different locations into the 35,000 square foot facility that it shares with the Elmira Fitness Center. Our sequential program develops physical and social skills for children starting at 8 months of age. Currently over 500 children participate in the different levels of classes. Our dedicated staff will help to provide your child with the best gymnastics instruction available in a fun and interactive setting. 

EGC Competitive Team

The Elmira Gymnastics Club Team is for gymnasts interested in competitive gymnastics, who are willing to commit themselves to strive for the highest degree of excellence within their abilities. The teams perform exhibitions for groups and organizations, and competes with USAIGC. 

Elmira Gymnastics Club Team Gymnasts have won 57 New York State Individual Titles and numerous State and Regional Event Championships. EGC Teams have captured 22 New York State Team Championships. Currently more than 40 young gymnasts are training in our USAIGC competitive team program

The Elmira Fitness Center

The Elmira Fitness Center, located adjacent to the Elmira Gymnastics Club, is an excellent place to watch superior gymnastics instruction while you develop your own personal health. Our friendly staff will work with you to create a customized program to get you on the road to lifelong fitness. Take advantage of our cardio equipment, circuit training, aerobics classes and free weights.

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