EGC Warrior Training

Do you have an American Ninja Warrior fan at your house?  

EGC offers Warrior Training for boys & girls ages 2+ to test out their skills on the EGC obstacle course.  Students develop their agility, strength, coordination, speed and balance while running through our new Warrior courses.  

Registration is required for all events, and space is limited.  Register early to save your spot.  
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Warrior Training Age Groups
Baby Warrior: Crawling - 2 years old with an adult, 35 minutes
Parent & Tot Warrior:
Ages 2-3 with an adult, 40 minutes 
Tiny Warrior: Ages 3 1/2 - 5, 40 minutes 
Warrior Training: Ages 5-7, 7-9, 9-12, 12-15, 50 minutes
Advanced Warriors: Invitation Only, 50 minutes

2021-2022 Warrior Training Sessions
EGC Warrior Training sessions will now run 9/11/2021 - 6/24/2022  &  7/4/2022-8/27/2021. 
*Students are now registered for the entire session and do not need to register every 6 weeks.  
*Transfer to a new class with openings at any time.
*2 weeks withdrawal notice is required to stop before the end of the session.  Withdrawal form can be complete at the front desk or online CLICK HERE

Warrior Training 2021-2022 Tuition (Valid through 6/24/2022):
Baby Warrior:   $40/month ~ $180.00 Half Year Tuition (10% discount) 
40 Minute Class:
   $51/month ~ $229.50 Half Year Tuition (10% discount) 
50 Minute Class:
     $56/month ~ $252.00 Half Year Tuition (10% discount) 
Advanced Classes:    $61/month ~ $274.50 Half Year Tuition (10% discount) 

Monthly Tuition with Autopay: Tuition will be billed automatically on the 15th of each month for the following month (ex. October tuition will be charged on September 15). Prepay before the 15th with cash, check or credit card at the front desk and Autopay will not run.

Half Year Tuition (Save 10%):
 Prepay for 20 weeks of classes and save 10%. No refunds available. 
        Fall tuition includes classes 9/11/2021-2/4/2022 and is due to register.  
        Spring Tuition includes classes 2/5/2022-6/24/2022 and is due by 1/15/2022.

Summer Session Tuition (Save 5%):
Prepay for 8 weeks of classes and save 5%. No refunds available.                        
          Summer tuition
includes classes 7/4/2022-8/27/2022

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