EGC Tuition & Fees

*EGC no longer charges an Anniversary fee.  No extra fees due to join.  

2020-2021 Session Dates
2020-2021: 9/14/2020-6/27/2021
Summer 2021: 7/5/2021-8/28/2021

*All children are registered for the entire session unless a withdrawal form is complete at the front desk or online. Withdrawal is not accepted over the phone.
*Tuition is due for the entire session unless a withdrawal form is complete.
*Tuition is due through 14 days after the withdrawal form is complete.
*Tuition prepaid will not be refunded, but will be left as a credit on the account for future use.
Withdrawal form: CLICK HERE 

2020-21 EGC Tuition  
(Fees valid through 6/27/2021)
Tuition listed includes 1 class per week.
First class is full price, $10/month discount on additional classes
Tuition options include: Half Year Payment ~or~ Autopay Monthly

Half Year Tuition
*Save 10%
*Pay the Half Year payment (20 weeks) and save 10% off monthly tuition.
*No refunds available on Half Year payments. Discounts are not available for Team.
*Fall Tuition includes classes 9/14/2020 – 2/7/2021 and is due to register.
(Fall Tuition Discount only available until 9/20/2020)
*Spring Tuition includes classes 2/8/2021 – 6/27/2021 and is due by 1/15/2021
(Spring Tuition Discount only available until 1/15/2021)  

Autopay Monthly Tuition
*First month’s tuition is due to register.
*Tuition can be paid at the front desk or online anytime by the 14th of each month with any payment method (cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover).
*Autopay will run on the 15th of each month for the following month’s tuition.
(October tuition will run on September 15 for all accounts with October tuition not paid).
*Late fees will be added to the account for tuition not paid by the 22nd of the month.
*Students will be dropped from class if tuition is not paid by the 1st of the month.
*CLICK HERE for instructions for saving Autopay to your account on the Parent Portal. 

Gymnastics Tuition

Class Length    Half Year        ~or~         Autopay 
Baby Gym 1      $157.50                          $35.00/mo 
Baby Gym 2      $216.00                        $48.00/mo
40 Min                 $283.50                        $63.00/mo 
50 Min                  $333.00                        $74.00/mo
80 Min                  $396.00                       $88.00/mo

Warrior Training Tuition

Class Length      Half Year      ~or~       Autopay
40 Min             $202.50                                 $45.00/mo
50 Min              $225.00                                $50.00/mo
Advanced       $247.50                                 $55.00/mo

Dance Tuition

Class Length      Half Year ~or~          Autopay
45 Min                     $198.00                        $44.00/mo.
60 Min                     $220.50                        $49.00/mo.
135 Min                     $369.00                       $82.00/mo.

EGC Class Calendar

Every monthly tuition payment receives 4 classes that do not necessarily fall within a calendar month.  Please refer to the calendar at the right for the class dates.

EGC will be closed on the following dates and all students missing class will receive a make up token for the missed class:
November 26-27, 2020
December 24-26, 2020
May 28-31, 2021

EGC will also be closed December 27, 2020-January 2, 2021 for winter break.  This week is not counted toward the session and does not receive make up tokens.