EGC Team

The Elmira Gymnastics Club Team consists of competitive gymnasts who are committed to the highest levels of athleticism. The team competes in five levels of USAIGC meets and performs exhibitions for local organizations. Teams from the Elmira Gymnastics Club have won 22 New York State Team Championships. Our gymnasts have also captured 64 New York State individual titles and numerous State and Regional Event Championships.

2018-2019 NY State Champions:

The following gymnasts won 1st place at the 2019 NY State Championship meet:

Anna Zahradka
Level: Silver
Bars & All Around Champion

Emily Twomey
Level: Silver
Bars & All Around Champion

Emma Mase
Level: Bronze
Vault, Bars, Beam & All Around Champion

Sophia Lotocky
Level: Silver
Beam & Floor Champion

Anna Ruhmel
Level: Diamond
Beam Champion

Langston Ramierz-Pharr
Level: Bronze
Vault & Floor Champion

2018-2019 NY State Champions

USAIGC Levels:
Copper 1
Copper 2

Ashlyn Harkness
Level: Copper 2
Vault Champion

Samantha Place
Level: Copper 1
Vault Champion