EGC Dance Instructors

Lauren Reilly

Lauren began dancing at the age of 3 and has now been dancing for over 30 years. Lauren's Dance background includes: Madame Helena, Dance Experience & Dancer's Alley / Link Movement Arts. Her teaching styles include Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Musical Theater, and Jazz. Miss Lauren has been teaching at Elmira Gymnastics Club for 9 years.  

Linda Jeffery

Linda is from New Jersey where she started taking gymnastics at age 2, followed by ballet, theater performances and cheerleading. In college she studied dance as an elective including the styles: jazz, ballet, ribbon and hip hop. At this time she also started her work at EGC, followed by the Corning YMCA and Intensity Cheer Elite as a gymnastics instructor. She also coached cheerleading for 3 years in Campbell NY. Linda really enjoys dancing all the time (just ask her kids). Her goal is to encourage everyone to express themselves through dance. "Dancing just makes you feel good. So Let's Dance!"